Warrington Dog Walking Company

Woggle Walks offers dog walking service in Warrington, Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 6:30pm. Whether you’d like regular dog walking service or an adhoc service, we are happy to cater to your requirements.

We cover a wide range of areas in Warrington including Culcheth, Padgate, Birchwood, Woolston, Fearnhead, Longford and Orford.

About Tracey Whittaker

As an owner of two dogs, I understand how important walks are for them. With my compassionate nature, love for animals and a passion for providing safe and awesome service, I assure you of complete peace of mind.

Dogs need love, discipline and lots of understanding. My physical agility helps me walk and care for dogs all day, every day.

I can work out the pick-up points to suit your schedule. If you would like me to walk your dog on a regular basis, simply text or email the location and I will take care of the rest.

What to Expect

As a pet owner, if I were to let a dog walking company take care of my dogs’ walks, I’d want to ensure they are safe, cared for and are treated with respect, care and love.

We take care of your dogs just like they were our own. That’s one of the reasons why we are favourite among pet owners.

We ensure that your dogs get a variety of locations. With our dog guard equipped car, we ensure your furry friend travels safely as he explores new destinations.

The end result of our Warrington dog walking service is a happy and healthy dog that has expended its energy the right away.

Hire the Dog Walking Expert in Warrington

Please fill out this consultation form here before your dog’s first walk. Call 07816 235 462 now to make a booking.

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