• Gene with Snowy

    Thank you so much Tracy, you have been a life saver, after

    having mobility problems Tracy has come regularly and snowy gets so

    excited when you arrive, he is shattered  after your long walk, highly

    recommended, thank you so much, keep coming Tracy  don’t know what I would

    do without you, thank you.

  • Victoria with Ellie 

    My Labrador Ellie can be abit of a handful but Tracey is great with her
    and Ellie really enjoys her walks!

  • Stephanie Andrews with Molly & George

    I have two very active Spaniels. I own my own business and work long hours. Despite the fact they come with me most days they still need to go out for a walk. Tracey is so amenable I text her daily to let her know where she can pick them up from and it’s never a problem. My dogs love running on the field and come back so happy. Thank you for keeping my dogs happy and healthy Tracey! 

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