Benefits of exercising

Everyone knows that walking your dog is an important part of their day to day life.

Here are the top benefits to why your dog should be walked regularly.

1. Help keeps them healthy – Walking provides many health benefits that include keeping them healthy, agile and limber.

2. Weight Control – An overweight dog is not a healthy dog although a healthy diet helps keep your dog in top shape you should be doing your best to provide regular exercise.

3. Helps with digestive system – Regular walks can be beneficial to your dogs digestive system and can aid in relieving constipation

4. No destructive behaviour – Regular walks can help eliminate any of your pets destructive side such as chewing, digging or scratching.

5. No more hyperactivity – Walks help your dog alleviate extra energy they may have, calming your dog down and reducing hyperactivity will make them feel more relaxed and sleepy.

6. No more unruliness – Behaviour such as knocking over furniture or jumping up at people can be a sign of built up energy. Regular walks will stop this.

7. No more attention-seeking behaviours – Barking and whining are signs your dog wants some attention from you. Regular walks will help stop this.

8. Helps build trust – If you have a timid or fearful dog regular walks can help build up confidence as you are exposing them other humans and animals.