About Me

Owning two dogs myself and knowing how important walks are for them I have a great love of animals and a total commitment to constantly provide a safe and excellent service and I’m fully insured for your peace of mind. 

I possess excellent physical dexterity that helps me walk and care for dogs for a long period of time each day. I believe that dogs need love, understanding and a little bit of discipline, all of which can work wonders for them.

I am compassionate by nature and my love for animals is a popular trait of mine amongst my pet owning friends.

I use colour coded leads to indicate to other dog walkers the type of personality of the dog i’m walking.

  • Red for Caution,
  • Yellow for Nervous,
  • Green for Friendly.

I like to ensure the dogs I walk get a variety of locations so my car equipped with a dog guard so that your canine friend can travel safely to explore new places.

Tracey Whittaker